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Reading Scholar: Your One-Stop Destination for Reading Comprehension Improvement Gadgets

When people talk about psychological problems, people often turn a blind eye to learning disabilities. As the name suggests, learning disabilities are associated with learning and comprehension issues.

Some people find it difficult to understand and learn stuff that might be significantly easier for an average person. But people with learning disabilities struggle a lot with remembering stuff and doing just normal day-to-day activities like talking, understanding one’s behavior.

While there are so many treatments and techniques are available by psychiatrists. Technology has been a significant part of modern medicine. People with learning disabilities can utilize online devices to enhance reading and comprehension skills.

Luckily, there is a store helping people with audio-assisted devices to enhance their reading and comprehension skills.  

There are so many devices offered to meet different people’s needs. These devices have shown tremendous enhancement in people’s reading comprehension skills, suitable for every age group and a group of individuals.

A wide range of comprehension improvement gadgets is available to cater to all your needs. 

SOLO READER- This reader comes with a control box, headset, and 1 USB cable. This is perfect for one person and can be connected to your smartphone or tablet.

QUAD READER- This reader comes with a control box, four headsets, a USB cable, and a 12-year agreement. This device is perfect for four users.

REPLACEMENT HEADSET- This headset offers the best optimal experience for your reading skills.


You must follow the following instructions to get closer to improving your reading skills:

  • Grab the book you want to read.
  • Connect to your USB or Wi-Fi.
  • Plugin to your earphones.
  • Open the reading scholar application on your phone and click” Start.”


  • This device is compatible with every individual from any background, age, and reading level.
  • This device has decreased reading error rates.
  • It is compatible with any reading curriculum. 
  • This device has proven to increase comprehension skills measured in end-of-grade testing.
  • This device allows school systems to accelerate students’ comprehension skills.
  • This device is user-friendly and does not require the user to change his natural reading pattern.

Reading Scholar is the store in North Carolina for you if you are looking for devices to improve your reading comprehension skills. The best technology and devices cater to every individual at the most affordable prices. 

With these devices, you can have a future you’ve been waiting for!

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